Thursday, July 6, 2017

Canada's First Subway

I noticed two postcards on eBay with "Canada's 1st Subway". Is it, really? Maybe I'm thinking wrong but I thought the subway was older than it seems in these postcards.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Ontario and Canadian Oral History Links

Oral History Associations International Oral History Association (IOHA)
H-OralHist listserv
Oral History Association (USA)
Oral History Society (UK)
Other international societies and projects listed on IOHA

Oral History in Canada: Centres and Archives

Oral History Centre (U. Winnipeg)
Centre for Oral History and Digital Storytelling (Concordia U.)
Library and Archives Canada
Canadian Heritage Information Network

Canadian Oral History Projects Omushkego Oral History Project
Métis Nation of Ontario Oral History Project
Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre Pier21 – Gateway to Canada
Passage to Canada
Amber Valley – A Black Community
Memoirs of Holocaust Survivors in Canada
Local Culture and Diversity on the Canadian Prairies (Before 1940)
CBC Outfront
Indian Residential Schools Truth and Reconciliation Commission

More Ontario History Links

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Ontario History Links

Ontario History links from the Open Directory Project.

Archives Association of Ontario
Promotes preservation and use of documentary materials for the preservation of the provincial cultural heritage. Includes association, chapters, membership and related information, also contact details and links.
Archives of Ontario
Preserves the province's documentary heritage and makes it available to the public. View resource guides, online exhibits and service information.
Arnprior and District Archives
Collections related to the cultural, political and historical records of the people and events of the Arnprior, Ontario area.
Belfountain Heritage Society
A historical organization devoted to the restoration and preservation of heritage and antique buildings in Belfountain, Ontario.
Butler's Rangers
Histories of 10 Ranger companies commanded by John Butler, and served in North America 1777 until 1784. Membership information, colours, weapons and uniforms, biographies.
Canadian Heritage Books Blog
Encourages discussion and interest in the history and heritage of southern Ontario, especially the area of Burlington and Hamilton.
Chief Tecumseh
Describes him as a man before his time, with details of activities and influences of this powerful chieftain and orator, who fell during the Battle of the Thames in 1813.
The Downton Story
Chronicles the 1836 parish sponsored emigration of over 200 paupers from Downton, Wiltshire England to Upper Canada. Includes emigrants names.
Fort George War of 1812
Niagara-on-the-Lake was the scene of many dramatic and important events in Canadian History. Retrace the steps of Isaac Brock and Laura Secord.
Fort Henry - Kingston, Ontario, Canada
Activities at the fort and the history of the fort.
The Fossmill Story
Book about life in a railway lumbering village on the edge of Algonquin Park in the 1920s and 30s.
The Glengarry Light Infantry Fencibles
Regimental history and reenactment information for The Glengarry Light Infantry Fencibles.
History of the Rideau Canal
Detailed history of the canal that runs from Ottawa to Kingston.
Hope Agriculture Heritage Club
A non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and restoration of our agricultural artifacts, with members from Durham and Northumberland Counties.
The Jesuit Relations and Allied Documents: 1610 to 1791
Complete English translation. Each file represents the total English contents of a single published volume.
Kingston Historical Society
Works to maintain interest in the history and heritage of the city of Kingston and its environs.
Mennonite Heritage Portrait
An interactive social networking site featuring information about all things Mennonite. A learning site to which visitors can build.
Mennonite Historical Society of Ontario
Encourages and supports projects which interpret Mennonite heritage through periodicals, workshops and seminars, public meetings, historical sites and publications.
The Official Donnelly Home Page
The notorious Black Donnellys of Biddulph Township, Ontario, massacred Feb. 4, 1880 by a vigilante committee. Site includes historical, genealogical, and tourist information, as well as photos and other resources.
Ontario Historical Society
Non-profit corporation and registered charity founded in 1888 that provides educational resources, publications, and bulletins to both members and non-members.
Ontario History Quest
The Archives of Ontario, in partnership with the Toronto Public Library and the City of Toronto Archives, presents an online learning resource for Ontario students studying history from 1820-1970.
Ontario's Fire Tower Lookouts
Dedicated to the preservation of fire tower history with photos, history, maps and links.
Ontario's Historical Plaques
A photographic collection of Ontario's historical plaques erected throughout the province since the 1950's.
Ontario's Underground Railroad
Provides maps to sites and plaques, and tells the story of Ontario's part in the underground railway.
Petworth Emigration Project
Two books published by McGill/Queens Press about the Petworth Emigration Scheme from Sussex, England to Upper Canada (Ontario) in 1832-37.
Pinhey's Point
Historic tourist site in Ottawa. Features photos, history, information about events, and restoration details.
Sainte-Marie Among The Hurons
Historic 17th century French settlement of Jesuit priests and the native Huron aboriginal nation. A living historical site representing Canadian life of the era. Located near Midland in the Georgian Bay area.
Save Ontario Shipwrecks
Heritage organization promoting the study, protection and preservation of Ontario's marine history. Pictures and stories of shipwrecks in various bodies of water.
Sparrow Lake Historical Society
The society is responsible for preserving and telling the local history of the Sparrow Lake, Ontario area and environs including Severn Bridge to The Big Chute on the Severn river.
The Toronto Ghosts and Hauntings Research Society
Not-for-profit group for the collection of data about ghosts and hauntings in Toronto and throughout Ontario. Includes details of investigation and information about local and provincial events, hauntings and paranormal occurrences.
United Empire Loyalists' Association of Canada - Grand River Branch
A heritage group celebrating and honouring their Loyalist ancestors of the Revolutionary War. These were some of the founders of today's Canada who sacrificed everything due to their allegiance to the Crown.
Wayne Cook's Genealogy and Historic Plaques of Ontario
A resource and ongoing project of just under 1,000 historic plaques online listed by County and by 26 categories.
The Lost Villages
A feature about The Lost Villages by the Ottawa Citizen, with photos, maps and video of the communities displaced by the creation of the St. Lawrence Seaway in 1958. (September 04, 2013)

ODP Listings for Ontario Urban Exploration

Sites listed in the Urban Exploration Ontario category at The Open Directory Project.

Photographic prints of abandoned farmhouses in Ontario. Taken by Allan Lewis.

A group who like to explore Toronto, and to see a side of the metropolis in which we live in a new light (or lack there of) that many do not. Drains and buildings.

Photos from exploring in Ontario.

Photography of Chris Smart. Based in Toronto. Mainly industrial decay.

Exploring abandoned places in Chatham-Kent and area.

Documenting explorations since 2006.

Flickr photo set with photos of old painted signs around Toronto.

Photos by Geary LeBell.

Photographer explores the intricate link between industry and nature. Based in Ontario.

The outdoors, hiking, snow shoeing, back country camping, nature, and travelling. Exploring abandoned places in Ontario.

Abandoned and decaying buildings, barns, and homes in the Niagara region of Ontario.

Photographs of abandoned things or places found in Ontario, Canada. Share history and other information if you have it.

Images and art depicting the Don Valley Brickworks in Toronto, Ontario.

This is a group dedicated to those who love to shoot pictures of the surreal, creepy and just plain unsettling.

A real estate agent and a photographer showing his two passions. Based in Toronto.

Photos of abandoned things and places: cabins, farms, houses, barns, cars and industrial sites (mines and sawmills) in Northern Ontario (north of the French River).

Derelict, abandoned, ruined buildings, places or things in rural Ontario. Old farm houses, abandoned commercial buildings, ghost signs, old signposts, whatever you stumble upon as you travel around Ontario.

Decaying industrial and commercial buildings and miscellaneous debris in the area of Thunder Bay, Ontario.

All images must be of buildings, building interiors, building details or other architectural structures. Images of buildings going up or coming down are also welcome.

Sharing pictures of neglected and abandoned beauty in Toronto.

A group for Toronto urban exploration photography.

For those who are interested in exploring and documenting the urban landscape in Toronto.

Urban exploration, no armchair explorers here.

Photos and art depicting the infamous abandoned Whitby Psychiatric Facility in Ontario, Canada.

Photographs of the artifacts of man and heavy metal by Frank I. Reiter.

Roof topping, draining, urban exploration based in Ontario.

Urban explorations of Toronto, Ontario.

Members require approval to join. A loose affiliation of acquaintances who love to capture images of delicious structural decay. By researching and photographing Ontario abandonments, we all become more finely attuned to our recent past and rich history.

An Ontario couple who met through urban exploration and continue to explore together.

Pictures, maps and descriptions related to several sites in Oakville, Ontario.

Jerm IX. Explorer based in Ontario.

Abandonments, decay, industrial mayhem based in Ontario.

Post stories, pictures, locations and arrange meet ups with other explorers in the Toronto, Ontario area.

Abandoned, industrial, mining and urban decay photography.

Information relating to Whitby Psychiatric Hospital.

Features mines, railways, urban exploration locations such as factories and hospitals located in Ontario.

Individual collection of photographs taken of urban decay in Toronto.

This group is for any and all photographers who enjoy a variety of subjects including landscape, urbex, night, and everything in between. All skill levels are welcome.

Photographer and professional urban planner in Toronto, Ontario. Observing and documenting urban life.

Understanding Toronto's urban landscape and public spaces.

A woman explorer based in Ontario. Video.

A loose collection of relentless flâneurs, explorers and walkers. Participants step out of their daily routine and explore the city's overlooked corners to imagine the dynamics of a better future urban environment.

A brief photo tour of the tunnels under the University of Waterloo.

Exploring locations in Ontario. Photo weblog with some history of the sites.

Acquaintances who love to capture images of delicious structural decay in Ontario.

A web site dedicated to the hobby or urban exploration with a particular focus on photos of abandoned buildings. Mike, Ontario based.

Chronicling and photographing storm drainage and abandonments in Ontario and further afield.

Photoblog from around Ontario. Includes abandoned buildings, farmhouses and urban architecture.

A photoblog showcasing abandoned places in and around the Toronto area.

Urban exploration photographer from rural Ontario.